2018 Archford Angels

2nd Annual Campaign

What happens when each Archford team member receives $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, participate on a project with their charity and get involved? Then a friendly competition between co-workers begins with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of additional grants of $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500 to the winning Angels’ charities. Follow the Archford Angels to find out.

“Reception of the Angel Project in our community and our organization was more than we could have hoped for. The way our team embraced it is a demonstration of their character and commitment to the communities and the organizations they serve.

Our second year will consistently follow the model we established last year. The time and effort spent around the process was very beneficial as we proceed through this year.

We offer this entire model including tools and documents to the public at no cost. Members of our team are willing to speak to organizations about it and share their experience.”

Jim Maher, Founder – Archford Angels

Archford Angels Campaign Highlights from 2017

Your 2018 Archford Angels

Thank You for Your Support

Baskets of Hope
Archford Angel: Jacob J. Hong
Belleville Area Human Society
Archford Angel: William P. Davis
Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative
Archford Angel: Robert G. Schlueter, Jr.
Boots on the Green
Archford Angel: Monette Lawrence
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Archford Angel: Julie A. Hanger
Family Hospice
Archford Angel: Craig A. Toberman
Gene Slay’s Girls & Boys Club of St. Louis
Archford Angel: Samuel F. L. Hanger
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Archford Angel: Cathy Mifflin
Randy’s Rescue Ranch
Archford Angel: Kimberly A. Noltkamper
Safe Families For Children
Stages – St. Louis
Archford Angel: Marnie E Deschaine
Stray Angels
Archford Angel: Jennifer Boyer

2018 Archford Angels Campaign Guide

The driving principle behind our business is and always will be to take care of others. Not only does that extend to our clients, but to our local community as well. Each member of the Archford team strives to be an angel in the lives of others, and the firm is thrilled to support them in that!

This is an initiative that any business, anywhere, can implement. Here at Archford, we believe true change begins with community leaders, and nobody is in a better position to lead than our community’s business owners.

To learn how to incorporate philanthropy into your business and get your employees excited about giving, download your free copy of our philanthropic campaign guide and Experience the Impact!

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2017 Archford Angel Winners

1st place: Craig Toberman

Family Hospice/Heartlinks Grief Center – $10,000 grant

2nd place: Kim Noltkamper

Caritas Family Solutions/The Resource Center- $5,000 grant

3rd place: Marnie Deschaine

Project Compassion – $2,500 grant

Social Media (most votes): Cris Berg

Friends of Wings – $1,000 grant